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There has been many changes to the Escort business over the years, from the laws to the venues and along with the way Sydney Escorts advertise. From the convict years where many prostitutes where sent to Australia, while others chose the work due to economic circumstances, to those taking advantage of the severe imbalance of the sexes, to present day where a lot of Sydney Escorts make a career from the business, be it a high-end prostitute that travels the world and is wined and dine to the rub and tug, massage with happy ending. You get Escorts putting them self through university, some just as a part time pin money job and others making a good business out of it.

Brothels and street work have been evident from the 1800 in Sydney and is still available today, although many Sydney Escorts prefer to work as an independent and from their own abode or hotels. For many years the only way of advertising for independents was the newspaper or word of mouth. Today with the internet there is an array of advertising platform to advertise on.With internet advertising you can utilise a multitude of platforms from the budget conscious to the high class directories that cater for the high end escorts. But if its free advertising your looking for it’s a little more difficult to find, a lot of website claim to have free ads, but when you actually place the ad this is not the case. When you do find a directory that does have placement of free ads you will find they are not worth advertising on as they don’t get views from clients, nothing has been done to get them noticed in google.

MyRhondaVu is here to change all this, giving Sydney Escorts a directory for the budget conscious to pop up a free ad, in fact up to 3 free ads, you have many categories to choose from, so what is your specialty BDSM, Fantasy or maybe Rub and Tug. Have another category you think we missed, let us know and if we think its plausible we will add it for you.MyRhondaVu is only young and not on the first page of google yet, but we are working on it, our SEO has started and we will make our way up through the ranks, so with this in mind in the early stages, not only do you get free ads but you also get free bumps to have control over your ad when your working, the control to bump your ad to the top when you need it there. Be one of the first 20 Sydney Escorts to place a free ad and you will also get 30 free bumps to use any which way you choose.

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