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Myrhondavu is still moving forward to become one of Perth’s best websites for Perth Escorts to advertise on. We have hit a few dead ends and set backs on our Journey, so we have taken a new pathway and shortly a new fresh look will be revealed. We are still looking at doing a platform where Perth Escorts can earn money from a couple of streams.Gone were the days where Perth Escorts just earnt money from outcalls and incalls, today we have phone sex, cam sex, dirty knickers, videos, photo albums and more and while some of these have been around for years, they were limited, but with the internet and being able to go global,

it’s a whole new world and why the modern escorts of today are adding them to their list of services.Perth Escorts can have phone sex over Skype with someone from England, Sell their Dirty Knickers to another in Japan and have many people world wide pay to view their Videos and Photo Albums. Once a Perth Escort has build up a client list from all over the world through these ad ons, touring then becomes easier as you already have contacts in the countries you would like to visit. This is also great for country clients who would like to have a connection for their private play but cant access an escort readily, a female voice from phone sex,

the smell of a lady from dirty knickers, the teasing and coaxing from cam sex or a video.Myrhondavu aims to have these all in the one place making it easier for Perth Escorts to access and manage their ads albums and clients. So for some of our categories we will go global, starting with Dirty Knickers and Phone Sex.For Phone sex, once payment is decided on Skype would be one of the cheapest options, just share your screen with your client rather than them seeing you and have photos of you ready so you can click through them as you are talking.

If you have a Photo Album that people pay money to view use this as at the end of the session you can then link through the album and maybe get an added sale.For Dirty Knickers you can sell knickers stockings and bras, you can buy the items new yourself or have clients buy for you, or why not sell off your older outfits to then be able to buy new outfits with the profits, set the times you would like to wear them for and set your prices, you then just seal them in a zip lock bag after the agreed upon time and send to the client.Myrhondavu taking Perth Escorts global.

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