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I have been a Perth Escort for 5 years, my main specialty would be Rub and Tug, Massage with Happy Ending. I have seen the ups and downs of the industry in this time, the good years and the bad. The one thing I have been disappointed with, which is one of the most important part of our business, is the advertising.

I was not happy with the 2 places I normally advertise on, over the past couple of years I think their service has gone backwards and their prices have gone up. I consider them to be a low budget advertising directory and yet they no longer have free ads for Escorts and their prices are the same, in some cases, as the high-class Escort directories.

I don’t consider myself a high-class Escort, with high resolution photos and services to match, im not alone, there are many other Perth Escorts, Sydney Escorts etc who feel the same way. So, a couple of years ago, with not many options for the low budget advertising, the idea for MyRhondaVu was formed. Today, MyRhondaVu is finally online, although not fully developed, completion will take a few years. You will be able to see it grow and take shape.

The 3 key areas I will be focusing on is Value for money, Control and Safety. With this in mind, I plan to be cheaper than one of the low budget platforms and allow more control than other. An Escort needs to have their ad at the top of the list when they are working, push it to the top when they are free to take their next client, the amount of times I have got 3-5 messages all together in the middle of the night, to which I assume one of the directories has promoted my ad, this would be nice if I worked nights, but alas I don’t. To accommodate the Escort that works from a couple of locations or tour, it’s easy to change suburb state etc and for the Escort that does not work 7 days a week there is a pause button which will be handy when the Paid ads are up and running as you can pay for the days you work instead of a whole week.

Views, Unique Visitors and where it sits in google is an indication on how well a directory is preforming, being new MyRhondaVu performance is not that good, but with SEO starting to kick in it won’t be long before we are on the first page of google and our Unique Visitor count is at an acceptable rate to justify Paid ads. In the mean time you can help by putting up a FREE AD,

you have nothing to lose and exposure to gain. MyRhondaVu plans to always have free ads, and every Escort can have 1, control of it will not be the same as the paid ads, but it will be online for clients to see at all times.

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