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In light of what has happened in the USA with the FOSTA and SESTA bills, with the shut down of directories and or platforms in both the USA and Australia, where does that leave Perth Escort Services and what changes are needed now days for the escort business.

Perth escort services are still up and running, it may have a slump for a week or two, but it will pick back up. I think the biggest mistake escorts have made prior to the FOSTA SESTA is they put too many eggs in one basket and when that basket broke it was just a big scramble, they may have had eggs in other little baskets but because very few people knew about this no one knew where to look.

To get Perth Escort Services out of this little slump, Perth escorts will need to work together and hedge their bets. One of the ways to get the business moving forward in the right direction is for escorts to advertise in 3 to 5 different directories, platforms, newspaper and other media etc and more importantly let clients know what directories media etc so if one goes down the clients can find them in another. After all clients are your business and competition between directories can only benefit you.

For some escorts it’s not possible to pay premium advertising for 3 to 5 different directories/platforms and that is where the budget directories like Myrhondavu can come into play. Perth Escorts need to take advantage of free escort directories on offer and use them, the more escorts use them the better they get. By having one or two ads in a High End Directory if you can afford and hunt out free directories like Myrhondavu to balance out your advertising, you will get a mix of clientele and feel safe in knowing that if one directory is down for some reason you will have clientele coming through from the others. Alternately just using the budget directories for your 3 to 5 choices will also work just as well if some of the directories have a bump system, then for a small price you can place your ad at the top, when you are ready to work and when you need it there.

So help Myrhondavu help Perth Escort Services move forward, by registering and putting up a few free ads, you have nothing to lose and exposure to gain.

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