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At present there is no need for Browsers/Clients to register but watch this space for updates as we introduce new features that allow Browser/Clients to interact with Advertisers/Escorts

Now I may be preaching to the converted, but the following may just help a few of you.

Do you not get a message back from an escort?

There are a few reasons for this.

The main one is more than likely you did not read the ad in the first place and follow the process needed.Some escorts require you to fill in a form and/or pay a deposit before the booking. Most ads say if you are to phone, text or email, location listed as well as services and prices, but still escorts get, what are your prices? where are you? as escorts can get upwards of 50 messages a day the ones with questions that have the answer in the ad don’t get answered.

Another reason is often an escort will get a few messages all at once, the one more to the point will get answered first, so if you message with Hi or Address or R U available, you go to the bottom of the list.

Ideally you should message with your name, what time you would like and what services you would like and any extras, as it stops the 20 messages back and forth to get the same answers.

“Morning, Pete here are you available for a $150 hour session at 11:30 for a massage followed by protect sex?”

one message as opposed to



Are you free this morning?

What time would you like? 


Ok how long a session?


I have several hour session which one would you like?

Massage with protect sex.

No worries that’s $150 whats your name?


Now if you got 50 plus messages a day which one would you answer?

Now I know most of you just want to get your head wet in the shortest amount of time, exerting the least amount of effort but please remember all escorts have rules and regulations they follow so please abide by them and show respect by reading her ad in the first place.

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