Before posting an ad please be aware of the rules and regulations for your Country, State, Region etc and follow them correctly so your ad is not taken down. For Australia you can access all the laws for federal and your state through Scarlet Alliance http://www.scarletalliance.org.au/laws/

Click Post Ads


Choose category Enter Tittle, try to add terms you think clients will put into search engines to find you Add description once again add searchable terms so your ad gets noticed. Make sure you include how to contact you, services, rates etc Add your photos If you have already filled in your profile your country, region etc will automatically be filled in, you can change if touring or working in a different area.


Choose your place of work Add your age and phone numbers. When a client uses the search on this website, tags are one of the areas it checks, so use short to the point tags of what you think clients are looking for like bbw, rnt, massage. You can use to highlight your ad if you would like it to stand out. Check I agree to the Terms and Conditions. Then publish Search your ad to make sure it looks good and edit if needed.

You may have 3 free ads at any given time, these can be fully edited to change location as well as category. Post any more than 3 ads without permission, and the latest ad will be deleted. More ads are freely available for those who pay a monthly fee.


Tokens are the name of the credit you can use to bump your ad to the top of the list or highlight it so it stands out more. You will be given tokens to play with when you first register, when they run out there is a couple of ways to get more.

For Free

Earn 5 tokens for buying clothes, lingerie, stockings etc from https://tealejam.com.au/ as long as you use the same email address for the clothing website as this one 5 tokens will be credited to your account for each item you buy.

Earn 10 tokens for introducing your working friends to myrhondavu, at present let me know their email and phone number and when they place an ad 10 tokens will be credited to your account.

Earn 100 tokens for an original blog post we upload to our blog, please ask for topics and keywords of posts we need.
For Paid
Being an Adult website its hard to get a reputable gateway for escorts to buy tokens, subscriptions etc, since the Fosta/Sestabills its got even harder, until we find a gateway we are happy with we are limited to how you can buy tokens.

Direct transfer or over the counter payment is an option.
In the My Account mode click on the ‘Buy credits for payments’ the select the pack you would like to purchase, then continue to pay with bank transfer, you will be given a code, use this code when transferring or depositing the money. Once the transaction appears in my bank i can then use the code to apply tokens to your account.

If you would like to use another payment, with the same email as you use on MRV, you can select a Suprise Box on https://tealejam.com.au/ for the value you need, in the comments on check out tell me what it is for [note when choosing the boxes for token buying no product will be sent] and choose the pick up option so you are not charged postage. I manually approve this so any mistakes are picked up before transaction completed.

For your piece of mind take screenshots of your transaction or keep the receipt if over the counter transaction, that way if something goes wrong you have proof to show me.


While it is free to have an ad or 2 on myrhondavu and admin will periodically bump bottom ads to the top, you may want to have more control by highlighting your ad so it stands out or bump it to the top when you are working. To do this you need to have tokens [please see ‘What are tokens and how to get free ones?’]

To Bump an ad

There is 2 ways to do it
When you are logged in and view your own ad, scroll down to the bottom and find the ‘Move to top’ button after clicking it will take you to the checkout page.


It will tell you how many tokens it will cost and how many tokens you will have left after purchase. Click pay with credit. In your My Accountclick the Listings payment status, this will bring up a summary of all your ads


Select which ad you would like to bump and select Move to top and continue as above.


Its easy to highlight your ad when you first place it


Failing that follow the 2 ways of bumping ad, but highlight instead.


For any suggestions, errors etc please email us at admin@myrhondavu.com.au

Use of the site will constitute your agreement to the following terms and conditiions.

1.) Are you older than 18
2.) I accept all responsibility for my own actions; and
3.) I have read the Terms and Conditions and agree that I am legally bound to these Terms and Conditions